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17 July
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My name is AKA: BUNNY!

I am a 24 year old female living just outside of Chicago, IL. I am a graduate of DeVry University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. It was a lot of hard work and I made my share of mistakes, but I still managed to work 25+ hours a week and graduate with a 3.5 GPA!

I have been working as a Database Administrator for a large consulting agency in the South West suburbs of Chicago for the past 9 months. I was hired on permanently in October and am looking forward to continuing my career in this field.

I am ENGAGED to the love of my life Edward (AKA Jody). Our wedding is set for June 3, 2006.

I also keep a Wedding Planning journal - sylviajodywed It's friends only so leave a comment to be added! Ah the wonderful world of wedding planning!

Check out our "The Big Day" Wedding Web Site
We've also created a Honeymoon Registry - Hopefully we will get some money to go on our dream vacation

More about Jody:

moved her from AL at the beginning of May 2003. We had kept a long-distance relationship for about a year but had been friends for about 6 1/2 years... But he worked really hard and is finally here and we are just enjoying eachother's company! Things are rough at times, but we try to do our best and try to remember that if we have each other we can get through everything else!

Jody and I have also bought our own condo. Yes, we own property! lol

Jody will be living there for now on his own, but as soon as we get "hitched" I'll be living there too! Although we will be looking for something new within the next year.



My interests include... well.... aside from what's listed below, i love love love bowling! When funds permit, i like to go whenever i have a chance... I have also bowled in a couple of leagues in the past.

I also really enjoy going to movies. I like anything from action to drama to comedy. I never pass up the opportunity to go to the movies.

I tried taking up golf this past summer, but just didn't have time for it.


Favorite food: Mexican/Italian
Favorite animals: Cats/Dolphins
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): Iced Tea
Favorite drink (alcoholic): Parrot Bay and Sprite/Orange Soda


I really love music and dancing! Occasionally I like to go out clubbing but i'm not a clubbhead.. i just like to go out and have a good time...

My music interests vary... i'll listen to pretty much anything except for Metal and Country... I'm not a big fan of Hard Rock either, but i can deal with some of it! I like dance music, alternative, pop, R&B and some hip hop and rap. I grew up taking dance lessons and singing (I started when I was 3). So, music has been in my life since i was litle.

Other than that....I guess i'm just your all-around average person...

Check out my interests and add me!

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