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Jody, Love


Posted on 2006.07.26 at 10:49
Hey everyone! Just a reminder..

My new journal is


Add me if you haven't yet!!! :)

Jody, Love

It's that time...

Posted on 2006.06.15 at 12:06
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Friends... i think it's time I retire this journal and start my new life with a fresh one....

Introducing jodys_wife. I'm still creating it, so you won't see much there yet! :) This journal will be friends only so make sure you comment on the friends only entry to be added!

I will be retiring this journal soon... i need to back everything up first!

The wedding details and honeymoon details will be posted soon (on the new journal) i promise!

Jody, Love

We're BACK!

Posted on 2006.06.14 at 10:22
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We did it! We're married!

Wedding was fantastic and the honeymoon was just awesome!
Here's some links with pictures!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Edit: You need to have a winkflash and kodak account to see the pics. they're both free.

These were taken by friends/family... the rest should be up from the photographer soon!

I'm sooooooooooo happy!!!! :-D

Jody, Love

IT'S HERE!!!!!! :-D

Posted on 2006.06.03 at 07:53
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Maggie's doing my hair right now!! It's going to look AWESOME! I will post pictures sometime tomorrow evening or Monday!! We leave for our honeymoon on Tuesday.

So i got up at 6 this morning with Adde. We just talked for a bit and then decided to get up. Now i'm just getting ready. Should i feel nervous? Because i don't . I just can't wait to put my dress and veil and shoes on and see the whole package!

Wish me luck!! I hope i don't trip down the aisle :-D

Bye now!

Jody, Love

oh and also

Posted on 2006.06.02 at 01:19
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I need to remember i'm not working till the 16th... I NEED TO STOP CHECKING MY WORK E-MAIL :(

Help i'm addicted :(

Jody, Love

Well.. (ranting... dont mind me.)

Posted on 2006.06.02 at 01:18
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Sensless rambling... you can skip over thisCollapse )

Jody, Love

oh yeah

Posted on 2006.05.31 at 01:44
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i forgot to mention... i dropped my stupid cell phone 3 times today... once on the concrete. it is now toast.

Luckily my dad had an unlocked phone that i could put my sim card in.

So jody's picking up a new phone for me tomorrow. woo!

Jody, Love


Posted on 2006.05.31 at 01:02
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Tomorrow is my last full day/night of Oncall... Thursday i'm on till noon but that doesn't bother me because I can have my coworkers help me with anything I need during business hours. It's just the after-hours stuff i have to worry about.

Thus far *knock on wood* i have been very fortunate this go around. I didn't have any calls last thursday, friday, saturday or sunday. Yesterday i got one call and the ticket wasn't even my group's. I had another one last night and my coworker helped me resolve it in an hour. Today i had one around 8pm and it was also resolved in an hour.

I'm so glad it's been a "light" onCall. Someone up there is looking out for me! Thank you :)

Adde comes in in the morning... i can't wait to see her! It's all getting so real now! jody's parents and aunt and uncle are already here. Wow...3 more days! :-D

Now folks... i sleep! (or at least try to :) )

Jody, Love

It's almost here!

Posted on 2006.05.29 at 23:27
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4 days left!!!

AND i get to see Adde the day after tomorrow! WOO HOO!

I can't believe it's almost here... wow... we've worked for this for so long...

Jody's parents arrive tomorrow...

The schedule for the rest of the week:

-Finalize details with photographer, videographer and shuttle bus company
-Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
-Finalize details with the florist
-E-mail itineraries to bridesmaids/groomsmen

-Pick up Adde from the airport (and any other guests that arrive)
-Pick up last minute things like bobby pins, makeup remover etc.

-Pick up people from the airport
-Getting a massage with Adde
-Finalize any other details that haven't been finalized yet
-Swing by work to drop off the wireless card for the next on-call person
-Make sure Jody & the guys pick up their tuxes

-Getting my nails/toenails done
-Pick up people from the airport
-Rehearsal Dinner

-Get married! :-D

I can't wait!!!

EEP!!!!!!!! :-D

Jody, Love


Posted on 2006.05.27 at 18:33
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ONE WEEK from today!!!!

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